How to dye your rainbow silk for a rainbow tuxedo

When you want to make something with an unusual look, you need to make a rainbow silk dress.Here’s how to make one of the most sought-after tuxedos in the world.The fabric is dyed with a special dye that can be found in some exotic markets in Asia and Europe.The dye is made from silvery silk, which is rich in pigments, […]

A Brief History of Silk and Other Silk-Woven Fibers

The History of the Silk and the Fibers is a book written by Dr. John T. Withers in 1909.The book, which was written in an attempt to explain the development of silk, is considered to be the most comprehensive study of silk on the internet.In his book, Dr. Wethers described how the silk fibers evolved from a substance called agave, […]