‘I was on my way to the toilet’: Woman describes her experience of being raped on a plane

Posted March 10, 2019 06:38:00 The last thing a woman should experience when they are on a flight is being sexually assaulted.But when that’s what happened to a 21-year-old woman on a US Airways flight to the Philippines, the trauma has left her feeling shaken.In a video posted on Facebook, Lauren Leibold describes how she and her friend were forced […]

How to sew the most intricate fabric in the world

How to get the best stitching results from the latest sewing machines. I have a sewing machine, and when I’m not busy sewing, I sew a lot.But I always try to sew in the best way I can to give myself the best chance to make a good product.So I bought a couple of different sewing machines to try out and […]

China buys 40 tonnes of silk fabrics from Vietnam

China is buying 40 tonnes worth of Chinese silk fabrics, including those made from cotton, from Vietnam, a top official said on Friday.China has been buying a steady flow of Chinese cotton and silk fabric since the fall of the Berlin Wall and has been exporting the products to Vietnam for decades.“In the first two years, the number of imports […]