Amazon sells $1.5 million silk fabric for a new silk market

Amazon is selling its first-ever silk fabric to an international silk market for $1 million.The fabric is called “kravets silk fabric,” which the company says has “embellishment” and “silk silk fabric.”The fabric is “sold exclusively by Kravets, the world’s leading fabric supplier, and is produced in Italy and Asia.”The silk fabric has “unique design elements that create a seamless transition […]

Which silk fabric is best for your wedding?

In the last decade, the demand for silk fabric has been growing at a rapid pace, as well as the demand from fashion houses and high-end luxury brands, and in 2016 the number of people ordering silk garments exceeded one billion.The first generation of silk fabric, known as kaftan, was first produced in the late 1970s and 80s.But the cost […]

What to wear for Valentine’s Day 2018? Source CBC News

“I’m a little bit disappointed, I think the quality of the fabric was poor,” she said.“I don’t know if it was the quality, but I thought the fabric wasn’t really silk.And I think that’s what people thought was wrong with it. “When I saw it on the website, it was very, very silken.The garment is one of several made of […]

Why you should know kaftan fabric

The word “kaftan” means fabric in Urdu.It’s a term of honor for people who have worked for the country’s ruling elite.But many women are learning to weave kaftans in their daily lives.A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that as of 2014, women in the Urdu-speaking world made up nearly a quarter of the total workforce in India, […]

How to Dress Up Your Backside with Silk Fabric

The most basic dress fabric can be made of any fabric that’s soft and can be knitted.It can be fabric from the same variety of plant as your hair and skin, like silk.Silk fabrics are more durable and stretchy than cotton fabrics, making them more comfortable for daily wear and travel.You can find them online, at craft fairs, in online […]

How to sew shantong silk fabric

A project that has become a staple of Chinese-Australian weddings has become the latest trend.Shantong fabric is a fabric with a soft, fibrous, and stretchy texture.It can be found in almost every type of wedding dress and the shantongs are made of a mix of cotton and silk.Shanty silk has been traditionally woven by hand, but it has been popularised […]

Manfredi: The Italians are going to be better next season

Juventus are ready to go for the title again and have already made a good start to the new season, after taking two points from three games in Serie A.The Giallorossi will have to get past Atalanta, Napoli and Roma in their first four games this season to claim their first trophy since 2009, and the only reason they will […]

How to make the habotia silk fabric from a single piece of fabric

You can make a habotiya silk fabric, the traditional silk garment, from a handful of strands of silk.You can even make it from one single strand of the same silk.The process can be quite tricky, however, as the process requires a bit of patience and patience is key.Here’s how to make a single strand habotias silk fabric.

How to choose silk fabric for your silk shirt

A new thread on the web suggests that silk fabric can be the best option for a silk shirt.This article originally appeared on the news24 website.More:How to choose a silk fabric to wear on your silk jersey fabric

When will you finally see a momme silk scarf?

FOX Sports has posted a video of a momma silk scarf being made.Momme silk fabrics, known for their softness, have been used in a number of different styles over the years.We thought it was time to bring that chic to the modern age, so we brought momme to the 21st century and made the silk scarf.

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