When Trump supporters chant ‘black lives matter,’ ‘no more racist pigs,’ ‘we don’t want the police’ in Louisiana

President Donald Trump’s supporters chant “black lives matters” and “no more pigs” as they march in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Friday, March 13, 2018.Trump is on the campaign trail for Louisiana governor, but has not yet endorsed a candidate for the Senate.The protesters also chanted “no police brutality!” as they marched.Trump’s administration has repeatedly denied that the president supports the […]

How to Make a DIY Leopoldi Scarf: 3 Ways to Keep it Warm for Your Next Event

I know, this is a thing you’ve probably never heard of before, but it’s really quite simple: a leopoldis scarf is a scarf with a woven elastic at the front.The elastic, which makes it a little bit more comfortable, has elastic on the front and sleeves.The sleeves are made of fabric from a different material than the front that has […]

How to Make a Tuxedo with Silk Fabric

How to make a tuxedo from lightweight, elastic silk fabric?The answer is that the fabric is actually quite strong, and you’ll be able to build it from a single layer of fabric without breaking the bank.If you’re a fan of soft silk, this could be an easy project to follow.This article originally appeared on Lifehacker.com.