How to get a better, cheaper harlequins fabric: Harlequin fabric vs. silk fabric

Harlequin fabric is often described as having a silk-like feel, but it’s actually a silk fabric that’s been dyed in a special way.If you want a fabric that feels silky and supple, you should look at silk fabric.The silk fabric on the left is dyed a different way, and the one on the right is the real thing.(Harlequin is the […]

How to make your wedding silk fabric from the ground up

A lot of people are getting their first looks at wedding silk fabrics online, but how do you get your hands on some?You’ll need to look at different fabrics for a better idea of what you can expect.Here’s how to get started. Read more

Dhani Silk Fabric from Dola Silk Fabric is a Winner of the 2018 Innovative Technology Awards

Dhani silk fabric is a winner of the Innovative Tech Awards 2017, which recognizes companies that have created breakthrough technologies to make a better life for people.The Dhani team is using the fabric to make garments for the military, which has been using it to manufacture their own clothing for the past three years.The fabric has been used to make […]

How to make silk fabric for clothes and jewellery

The silk fabric used in the designs in the fashion items in the collection above was sourced from Thailand.The silk fabrics were woven from a silk thread called tsumugi, which is a type of bamboo.When the thread is woven in the correct manner, it gives the fabric a natural look.The silk fabric was woven from two strands of silk, each […]