When the cotton swamps came, Malbari was king

Malbaris cotton swam in, a new silk fabric was born.Malbari, a silk fabric used in Indian dress, was one of the fabrics introduced in the 1970s and 80s by British textile magnate Sir James Malbares first foray into silk production in India.The cotton swamp came and Malbaryans cotton swum in, creating a new fabric that would be the envy of […]

How to create a silk looper in under five minutes

Oiled silk fabrics and malbari are two of the most popular fabrics in weaving.The fabric can be used to make a wide range of products, from embroidery to scarves.Silk loopers can be made in a few different ways.You can create a loop on the fabric that runs along the length of the fabric and makes a loop that goes around […]

When Trump supporters chant ‘black lives matter,’ ‘no more racist pigs,’ ‘we don’t want the police’ in Louisiana

President Donald Trump’s supporters chant “black lives matters” and “no more pigs” as they march in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Friday, March 13, 2018.Trump is on the campaign trail for Louisiana governor, but has not yet endorsed a candidate for the Senate.The protesters also chanted “no police brutality!” as they marched.Trump’s administration has repeatedly denied that the president supports the […]

A Brief History of Silk and Other Silk-Woven Fibers

The History of the Silk and the Fibers is a book written by Dr. John T. Withers in 1909.The book, which was written in an attempt to explain the development of silk, is considered to be the most comprehensive study of silk on the internet.In his book, Dr. Wethers described how the silk fibers evolved from a substance called agave, […]

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