‘Silk Corduroy Fabric: It’s Made to Look Like Your Mother’s Bedroom’

In her home on a rural estate in California, Jillian Sommers has a home that is not only decorated but also filled with the trappings of her life.It is filled with books, photos, art, and a garden.The place, which Sommer calls “silk corset,” is filled full of photos of herself and her mother.“We’ve got this beautiful home,” she said.“It’s beautiful.But, […]

Why I like to wear silk and quilting

QUILTING THE SWEAT of silk is a wonderful way to decorate and embellish your home.The quilters silk yarn provides a light, airy feel to your fabrics.When quiltering with silk, it’s important to be sure to work your fabric carefully, so that it can maintain its elasticity and stretchability over time.The fabric should be washed with soap and water before wearing, […]

How to dye silk fabric without the hassle of dyeing it yourself

Fox Sports’ Jon Rothstein explains how to make your own silk fabric in less than an hour.It doesn’t require a dyeing kit, so you can do it on your own.Rothstein says the process involves using a syringe and a special syringe for the dyeing.You then need to gently massage the silk fabric between your fingers until it starts to come […]

The best pants you can buy for $5,000 (and still get them in good shape)

The best jeans for a whopping $5 for a pair are made of cotton and linen.They’re made from the same cotton and silk fabrics used in silk-blend jeans, and they’re also incredibly breathable.In fact, they’re almost always made of the same fabric that goes into silk-trimmed silk pants, such as cotton and cotton-blended linen.This year, the best pants for $10,000 […]