Women’s basketball vs. women’s tennis: The best of the best from both women’s and men’s sports

Women’s tennis has been the subject of much debate since the 2015 Australian Open, and the men’s tournament will be no different.But there’s a bit of a twist in the women’s side.As we head into the men´s tournament, it’s all about the women.Here are the top five matches that are sure to be riveting.1.Victoria Veal vs. Landon Waugh-Moss (Victoria Veal) […]

Which silk fabrics are best for silk-filmed portraits?

We’re often asked which silk fabrics we recommend, and we have to be honest, there are many.But in order to be sure that your silk portrait is going to look good on you, we asked three silk-industry experts: a silk producer, a silk-fabric supplier, and a silk expert. A silk expert who knows silk fabrics well, with years of experience. First, let’s […]

Christmas silk fabric with silk fabric bundles: What you need to know about the fabric

Soft silk fabric has become an increasingly popular fabric for Christmas decorations.The fabric has a long history as a fabric for many years, dating back to the 18th century and is made from natural fibers.The silk fabrics are known for their softness, lightness and stretch.The fabrics are popular for Christmas decorating, but it can be challenging to find a good […]

How to make a silk crepe shirt

The design for the shirt is inspired by the silk crepes found in Europe and the Middle East, but the material is sourced from Italy and Spain.The shirt features a cotton fabric that has been used to make cotton-jersey necklaces and necklacing pins in Italy, Spain and France.The fabric is also used to knit the sleeves of the shirt and […]

What you need to know about silks: How to use them

By MATT BEACHAM/AFP/GettyImages”We have a problem with the way the silks are made,” said Shai.“We’ve been working with people to figure out how to solve it.”Silks are a key part of the Silk Festival, an annual event held every August to promote sustainable textile use.It is one of the largest annual events for textile designers in the world, attracting millions […]