The ‘Silk’ Wedding Dress Is Now Available In The US

The silk wedding dress is now available in the US, courtesy of the designer, Bangalore silk fabrics.The dress is a modern, chic addition to your wedding day.Bangalore has a long history of fashion. Bangalore silk was created around 1815 by Jyoti Kishore in the city of Pune.The fabrics are made by hand, and the fabrics are dyed to match the city’s […]

Why China is stealing America’s fashion again

The Chinese have taken a big swing at America’s traditional cotton fabrics and woven them into new clothing.But it’s the other fabrics that have made headlines.And the Chinese are not happy. The silk silk fabric is woven into many garments in the US and Europe, including T-shirts and jackets.And its use in clothes in India, China, Japan and South Korea is […]

Silk patches for wool, linen, silk fabric

By Diane Cordero, Fortune Editor-In-ChiefEditor-In – March 09, 2019 – 02:12:33In the past decade, the demand for fabrics from these fabrics has skyrocketed.Wool is king.It’s woven into everything from pants to hats.Cotton is king, too.And the next best thing, silk!Silk is woven into the fabric of everything from socks to scarves, hats to shoes.That’s right: a silk patch.That means that […]

Which of these colors is your favorite?

Agave silk is known for its long, beautiful and beautiful-looking fibers, and this pattern is definitely a favorite among agave lovers.The vibrant blue-and-white pattern is easy to follow and is suitable for any season, so it’s a great way to use up some of the leftover silk.Silk Gold fabric is a bright, colorful fabric that looks just as beautiful on […]

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