When the silk fabric is no longer needed, silk patchwork fabrics are becoming more popular

DUPLINE SILK FASHION STORE, Md.(Reuters) — When it comes to cutting costs, it’s no longer possible to buy only a “silk fabric” — silk that’s woven by hand.That’s because as the world’s economy slows down, the need for silk has surged.But silk fabrics are increasingly being manufactured in factories that are making more and more of them, and that means […]

Silk patches for wool, linen, silk fabric

By Diane Cordero, Fortune Editor-In-ChiefEditor-In – March 09, 2019 – 02:12:33In the past decade, the demand for fabrics from these fabrics has skyrocketed.Wool is king.It’s woven into everything from pants to hats.Cotton is king, too.And the next best thing, silk!Silk is woven into the fabric of everything from socks to scarves, hats to shoes.That’s right: a silk patch.That means that […]

How to Make a Silky Silk Patchwork Dress

From a sewing machine to a silk scarf, from hand-made to a factory-made fabric, the process is the same for making the best-looking silk patches.If you’re looking for a pattern to make your own, we’ve got you covered.1 of 5 Advertisement

How to make the silk patchwork silk fabric that’s so silky you can barely see it

A silky fabric used in traditional Indian wedding dresses can be woven into a silk patch-work fabric and then used to make a silk blanket. In the photo above, the silk fabric, called Zari silk, is sewn onto a woven silk blanket, which is then hung from a wire, which creates the illusion that the fabric is silk-covered. It can also be […]

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