‘Hip-hop’ singer’s music is the perfect blend of pop, soul, and funk

Posted September 09, 2018 05:56:13Hip hop is one of the biggest trends in popular culture, and it’s all the more prevalent these days with a growing number of artists releasing their own music through the internet.Hip hop, in particular, is a popular genre of music that features a lot of hip hop artists using the instrumentals and beats from rap, […]

How to Make a Silky Silk Patchwork Dress

From a sewing machine to a silk scarf, from hand-made to a factory-made fabric, the process is the same for making the best-looking silk patches.If you’re looking for a pattern to make your own, we’ve got you covered.1 of 5 Advertisement

How to Make Silk Fabric with Gajji Silk Fabric and Thailand Silk Fabric

The first thing you need to do is wash your silk fabric.Once it’s dry, take your silk yarns and cut them into long strands.You’ll need to cut each strand in half and thread them together to make a silk thread.Then you’ll thread the strands together with a small needle.This will help the silk fabric pull together, making it easier to […]

‘Weird and Wonderful’: A Silk T-shirt made from ‘Silk’ fabric

Posted September 28, 2018 09:00:51 I first stumbled upon this “silk” t-shirt while browsing a thrift store and I knew I had to make one. This shirt is so adorable.It’s a combination of silk and cotton and the fabric looks so soft. The cotton is very soft and it’s just perfect for summer!I love the “silks” part of this shirt and the […]

How a thai silk cloth is made

The fabric is made in Thailand and has been used by the country’s military since the 1980s.It is often used as a light weight alternative to traditional silk fabrics. The silk fabric is usually cut in small sections of 10-12 inches and then woven together to form a garment. “In this way it has the same thickness as the silk we normally […]